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What is Veteran 2 Veteran Selling?

Veteran 2 Veteran Selling is PorchLight's new home-buying program. It's an easier way to sell your home with less hassle on a timeline that works for you. If your home is in a participating marker, you can request an offer in a few simple steps. Unlike a traditional or for-sale-by-owner transaction, your home is never listed, so you avoid showings, open houses and home prep. If you chose to move forward with an offer, your dedicated Advisor will work with you throughout the process. If you decide to list your home for sale instead, we can connect you with a trusted agent on our team.

Is there a fee to request an offer?

There is no cost to request of receiuve an offer from PorchLight's Veteran 2 Veteran Porgram. If you choose to sell your home to PorchLight, you will receive a clear statement outlining any fees associated with the offer.

I'm not ready to commit - can I still get an offer?

Yes! Absolutely. You do not have to sign any agreements or make any committments to request an offer from PorchLight. After submitting a request, you can accept the offer and sell your home, you can list with an agent or you can decide not to sell at this time. It is completelyup to you.

Where is Veteran 2 Veteran Selling available?

Currently we are only directly purcasing homes from veterans in San Diego County. We do have a network of agents that can service your home sale in every major market in America. Send us a message to get connected to a vetted agent.