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Ideal Purchase

Buy One Bedrooms or Studios

I only buy distressed properties. Open and bright. All completely redone. I remodel kitchen and bath. Add fun design aspects. 


Close To Commercial Areas

Walking distance to restaurants and shops are ideal! 



Use Airbnb to comp out expected rental rates. Don't be fooled by AirBnb. Their site shows the lowest price of the unit. So if the owner prices one night six months out $70. It will show on the map that the unit rents for $70 a night. You must click on the dates you wish to book. Check weekday pricing, weekend pricing, and see how many days they are booking out. 

Stores For Design and Supplies

Living Spaces


Furniture: Pull out sofas, mirrors, accessory pillows, other accessories. 



Rugs, dish ware, glassware. 




Amazon Basic for sheets, towels, and subscription supplies. Wall paper for design.


Minimum Two Nights Stays

Local residents will book one night stays and throw parties. No go! 

Amazon Subscribe and Save

All cleaning supplies and regular items on subscribe and save.  

Towels and Sheets

Buy one color to use for all of your AirBnbs. Have extras of everything! 

Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Put extras above the fridge and under the sink. Never get a call that the unit is out of paper towels!


Set Minimum Pricing Very High

Set pricing high and individually go into each day to lower. Use AirGMS to edit pricing. It will edit pricing on all your sites. 

Adjust Pricing Weekly

I have on my calendar every Monday morning to check pricing for the following weeks. If we have openings, I adjust the pricing lower to book up. 

Apps and Best Practices


AirGMS syncs AirBnb, VRBO, and for you! Syncs pricing, calendar and messaging. It's FREE up to four listings!

Sites To Have Profiles On

AirBnb, VRBO,

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