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Small Home Improvements That Get Big Returns Without Breaking The Bank

Are you trying to sell your house for top dollar and want to know what home improvements give you the biggest bang for your buck? Before you list your house for sale PLEASE take our advice here in this article.

These small home improvements will make a big deal when you sell your house. Don’t worry about the budget here, because these are the very inexpensive to do. Everything we are going to show you here will pay for itself PLUS some! If you want to take on bigger projects you think could get a much better return, I recommend consulting with an agent first….LIKE US?

We will tell you exactly where to NOT spend money!

Here are a couple quick fixes and simple home improvements that can help you achieve exactly what you want without breaking the bank. Finding those small, but impactful value-add items can be tricky, but here are some ideas that will help you get your house ready for the market and the price you want, without the hefty price tag.

Small pieces, big impact

Did you ever enter a home, and when going to grab the doorknob, you are about to grip an ugly worn brass handle? Yuck! What an entrance! Many sellers overlook their door, closet, and cabinetry hardware when preparing their home for sale, and don’t realize the visual impact it has on their home. Brass and gold on every door and hinge carries an outdated theme throughout the house. Buyers today want to buy something “new”, not take over Grandma’s old house.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, the effect is amplified even more, with cabinet doors forming rows and layers of the old fashioned hardware, and it becomes a noticeable eyesore.

This is a commonly overlooked small home improvement that is easy to fix! Local hardware stores have a wide variety of nickel and other similar modern finishes that can be picked up for cheap and popped in in no time. This small touch refreshes the look of doors, kitchens, and bathrooms. Be sure to change the hinges as well to complete the look.

Painting to Please

Paint is often the most overlooked home improvement you can make to your house. Although you may love that mulberry living room, or the kids were dying the have their room painted in hues of pink and green, chances are potential b

uyers are looking for something a little more neutral. Nothing can take away the attention from your home as quickly as paint can. In contrast, nothing can add value throughout like a fresh coat of paint can making it one of the MOST REQUIRED home improvements to make prior to listing your home for sale! Choosing the right color can make small rooms appear larger, dark ones seem lighter, and set the tone throughout the home.

Neutral colors that are in style can update the look of your home and welcome buyers to imagine their own tastes and style as they go from room to room. Grays are especially in at the moment, but various shades of cream, beige, and taupe will do the trick.

Cooking a New Kitchen

The dreaded kitchen: usually the most expensive room in the house after everything that goes into one. BUT, there is a small home improvement you can do that can add some bucks to your sales price without sacrificing much. The easiest way to bring your kitchen to the next level are the appliances. These are the items that people utilize daily, yet they are bypassed way too often. Not many people realize that there are appliance package specials all year round for every budget level. The impact and value add is huge when a buyer walks in a sees new appliances just waiting for their new cook!

Do you want to use somebody’s used stove with crusty old pizza residue? Yea most buyers don’t either. There is a reason that new construction properties sell at higher premiums than resale properties. People don’t want “used stuff”..

The best part: little to no work is required on your part besides placing the order. Most businesses will deliver and install your appliances for free. If the store you buy from won’t haul away your appliances at no cost, certain utility companies and other businesses will PAY YOU to take away your old appliances! It’s a win win!

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