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The Reasons You Need A Professional On Your Side

Today, most answers you need can be found through one quick google search. The process of buying and selling homes has many steps and a large amount of knowledge required. A real estate professional will help ease the confusion and fear that come with all of that information.

Similar to a quick google search, TV shows such as the ones on HGTV tend to give a simplified idea of what the actual process of buying and selling homes is like. There is much more to it than what is shown on these shows.

You need a professional on your side. This is not a DIY yourself project or something easy and breezy you want to do on your own.

1) The process doesn't end at finding a house you like online

There are hundreds of steps that need to be taken during each successful real estate transaction. You will be much more comfortable going through this process with someone who is familiar with each and every step.

2) Skilled Negotiation is a must

Hiring a skilled negotiator will save you thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. Negotiation will save you money not only in the original offer of the home, but after the home inspection, and in a worst case, after a troubled appraisal.

3) Know what the home you are buying or selling is worth

You can search the internet for information on home sales, home prices, and mortgage rates. It gets a little bit more complicated when you want information about your specific area. It is crucial to price your home correctly and competitively. An agent will also ensure you have a strong offer placed on your dream home without paying too much or low-balling.

The PorchLight agents understand and stay on top of the San Diego real estate market. Our educated agents will make your buying and selling processes feel seamless. Let us guide you.

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