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  • Mark Pattison

What's The Difference Between a House and a Home?

We often discuss why it makes sense financially to buy a home. There are also many emotional reasons why you should buy a home, some even more powerful than financial reasons.

No matter the size or layout of your house, feelings of a home differ among different people. Home could be described by a specific scent or a special piece of furniture. When buying a home, emotional reasons are often what push us.

Owning a home provides stability.

Many people buy homes based on the best neighborhoods to school districts, both those with families or ones planning on starting a family. This is a major consideration when home buyers chose a location.

There is simply no place like home.

Apart from security, a home allows for the most comfortable place to relax after the busy days we all have.

There is space for all of your family.

When buying a new home you will be able to take into consideration any family additions or members moving out. Don't forget the perfect yard for your four legged family.

You have total control of renovations and the style of your home.

When you own a home you are able to make whatever style inspirations you have come to life. Paint your walls any color and renovate your kitchen in whatever style you'd like. Also, you'll no longer owe that pricey pet deposit.

Think about how you could make your house a home. If you are looking to buy, be sure to imagine the potential spaces as your future home rather than just a house.

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