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5 Tips to Prepare for an Open House

When a home hits the market for the first time, it’s almost essential for the seller to hold an open house. If you’re working with an agent they will most likely help you prepare, but there are things that you can start on now to ensure your home is in perfect condition for that open house! Use these tips provided by the PorchLight Team to help get you there.

Clean x3

Three words; clean, clean and clean. Your property needs to be flawless to obtain a good first impression amongst buyers. If you don’t have the time to do some deep cleaning simply hire some professionals. Make sure that all the windows and carpets are stain and smudge free!

Rid your home of any clutter

This one goes hand-in-hand with cleaning. Make sure you organize your homes clutter! Don’t have shoes sitting out by the front door or any dog toys laying around in the living room. These will create eyesores that distract the buyer from the positive aspects of your home!

Bring on the light

Open up as many curtains in your home as you can. Natural lighting will help to enhance the look and can make a room feel more spacious. A good standard is to make it as bright and cheerful as possible.

Stay away from the buyers

If you decide to stay home for the open house please don’t disturb the wandering buyers. If they have any questions your agent can help them. Being intrusive will cause potential buyers to stray away from ideas of purchasing your home.

Put up signs

Last but not least, market your home! Put up signs on corners intersections near your home. Lead interested buyers right to your doorstep. Be sure that the signs are large enough to read and actually direct cars to your home.

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