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Renovation Choices to Cut Down Your Remodeling Budget

Maximize your home remodeling budget with a practical approach, avoid those big ticket moves.

Remodeling your home is exciting. When your loan or line of credit gets approved, the possibilities may seem endless. The high end appliances, fancy flooring, and stunning fixtures don't seem too far to reach.

Unfortunately, the cost of these materials and labor quickly add up. The funds will start to trickle away, and the possibilities will feel much more limited.

You can avoid this rapid money drain with some planning and design goals that you are open to alter. Before you splurge on those custom counter tops, consider these tips.

1) Don't move your sink, tub, and toilet.

When planning a home remodel, it is easy to imagine a whole new floor plan. Moving around your toilet, sink, and tub includes extra plumbing cost and a bit of a headache. If you keep these fixtures in place, you'll not only save money but also time.

Want a new look? Replace the tub with a new style in the same spot. Decorative mirrors and intriguing shelving will totally change the look of your bathroom. Decorative details can be perfected in just a couple of days, unlike relocating your bathroom.

2) Touch up what you already have

It may be more exciting to pick out a brand new bathtub and sink, but have you considered sprucing up what you already have? You may not need new, expensive fixtures for a fresh look.

Is your tub struggling with chips or small dings? You can fill these with fiberglass. Tub-and tile refinishing kits will help to make your bathtub look new, once again. Use the same approach on your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Freshen your cabinets up with a a fresh finish. De-gloss, paint, and glaze your existing cabinet doors and frames.

Spend your savings on high-end fixtures and hardware.

3) Be conservative with expensive materials

Aesthetically pleasing kitchens and bathrooms don't have to cost a fortune. Instead of splurging on a granite slab, consider an affordable counter top. Chose some high-end, colorful tiles for your backsplash. Your unique design will draw much attention, and you will save money!

4) Use the sun

If your remodel includes a new construction, make sure you consider solar orientation. Install windows conveniently to catch sunshine and allow for cross ventilation.

Don't forget to use thermal mass too, to adsorb and retain summer heat. This is typically concrete, stone, brick, or tile.

5) Reconsider recessed lights

It is often argued that recessed lighting can make a room appear larger. It is also believed that because they emit more light, fewer are required. However, if you are looking to save money, mounted and hanging fixtures are the way to go. Floor and table lamps also create an ambiance and help you decorate.

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