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  • Mark Pattison

3 Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Selling a home does not compare to buying one. No matter how long you’ve spent in the home, consider these 3 tips before getting started.

Find the right agent.

Unless you plan on listing your home as a For Sale by Owner, you will need to sign an agreement with a licensed real estate agent. Luckily the PorchLight Team can help! Remember, you’ll also have to pay a commission. Since you’re signing a contract that ties you to your agent for up to six months, choosing the right one is beyond important. We suggest interviewing at least three agents before listing your home.

Be ready to sell.

It’s important to know that the first impression is everything - and you may only get one chance at it!. Setting your home at an unrealistic price or listing it in an undesirable condition will come back to bite you later on. Sellers that resist agent pricing suggestions may not be emotionally ready to sell their homes. Be confident that you want to list the property to avoid any self-sabotaging incidents.

Have a moving plan.

Once you accept an offer from a buyer, be sure you are ready for what comes next. The moment that pen hits the paper starts a countdown for you to find your next home. Many sellers underestimate the amount of time it takes to move into a new property. If you get a head start and move on it early, you should find no trouble at all.

Like we said throughout this article, it’s best not to sell until you can fully commit. Have a plan and know what you’re going to encounter. Follow these tips and you should see success on your first home sale.

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