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3 Tips to Ensure You Pick the Perfect Agent

Buying or selling a home can bring both excitement and fear to the beholder of the property in mind. Though the process is nerve-racking, do not fear! The PorchLight Real Estate Team is here to help. It’s important to note that this process can be enhanced by a good real estate professional who knows the ins and outs of the market. It’s important to choose an agent that fits your specific criteria, so choosing a match may be harder than expected - but don’t be discouraged! Once you find that right fit, you’ll be confident that your property sells at top dollar, or that you buy for the best price in the market.

1. Check the chemistry.

It’s beyond important to find an agent that fits you. That’s why chemistry is thrown around so frequently - and no, we’re not talking about your high school science class! The PorchLight Real Estate Team suggests interviewing at least 3 agents prior to your choosing. Ask yourself, “Is their marketing related to themselves as an agent? Or their properties in general?” Also, are they trustworthy? That’s up for you to decide.

2. Seek referrals.

Despite the new era of technological home search tools, the search for an agent is still human-to-human choice. There’s no doubt that referral is the best option. Any homeowner who is willing to vouch for an agent has been more than pleased with their service. It’s simple to do. Find someone to talk to in the in your specific neighborhood and pool together the best options off their recommendations.

3. Find someone who has your best interests at heart.

The PorchLight Team believes that this is the most important tool when choosing an agent. The relationship between a homeowner and an agent doesn’t stop at the sale of a property, it goes far beyond that. Be sure to pick an agent that you can see working with again in the future.

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