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Reasons why fall is the time to buy or sell your home

Fall is often considered as a second choice season to buy or sell homes. There are many benefits to buying or selling in the fall, it should no longer be dismissed. Consider these reasons to buy or sell your home this fall.

Reasons to Sell

Spring is known to have the highest housing demands, meaning spring also has the higher inventory. With less competition in the fall, you will likely receive a higher offer. Make sure you get your home ready, addressing curb appeal and staging. Your home will shine.

When buyers begin home shopping in the fall or winter season, there is usually a strong reason. The motivation to buy a new home could be due to a new job or job transfer, or the desire to switch children's schools at a convenient time.

Nowadays, more families desire multi-generational living spaces. This means that the search for a home could be a longer process, beyond spring's housing peak.

Reasons to Buy

Often, Sellers will be advised to pull their home during the winter holiday. This will cause a drop in inventory until the surge in the spring. House hunting in the fall will enable to see the homes before the competitive flood of showings in the spring.

Sellers who list in the fall usually have a strong motivating factor behind their decision, this can be beneficial to you. The seller will have less showings in the fall, meaning your offer is more likely to be accepted.

Buying in the fall also has time-sensitive benefits as well. It is likely that your mortgage payment wont be due until the new year. You may even be able to spend the holiday season hosting in your new home!

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