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  • Mark Pattison

Moving Stress Keeps Two Thirds of Americans in Their Current Homes

Two thirds of Americans state that they would move if it wasn't such a hassle.

The month of May begins the moving season, when many Americans make the decision to pack up their home and move. A survey provided by SpareFoot, the largest online self-storage marketplace, shows that 46 percent of consumers either have already moved or plan to move into a new home within the next year. There was a common theme: the hassle of moving. 67 percent of consumers reported that they would definitely move if the hassle was not there.

This survey showed that 66 percent of people stayed in a home they were not fond of to avoid the challenges of moving. 49 percent of adults continued to live with a bad roommate simply to avoid the process of moving. The Millennial generation and generation Z appear to be less affected by moving with nearly 32 percent reporting they have moved in the past year.

The reasons that people chose to move are rather consistent: moving for more affordable housing, moving for a job, moving to escape bad neighbors, or moving for a better environment for pets. Regardless of the reason to move, moving has many upsides. You get a fresh, new place and an exciting new opportunity to redecorate.

Most people will agree that moving can be stressful, causing many to avoid it. Fortunately, with an excellent agent, and planning ahead this process can be made simpler. Begin packing early, decide if you need storage and a moving truck, and make your move.

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