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  • Mark Pattison

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Sale

What makes your home standout? Is it the location? Condition? Design? Whatever it may be, buyers tend to focus more on the condition of the home over anything else. Without a pristine looking home, a sale can easily slip through the cracks. Use these 5 simple tips to avoid any problems and impress potential buyers.

1. Improve your landscaping.

Everyone knows that curb appeal is one of the most valuable attributes you house can hold, so make sure your home’s lawn is in tip-top shape. Mow the grass, trim the bushes and plant flowers wherever you see fit.

2. Clean the outside.

This goes far beyond improving your landscape. You need to keep everything looking tidy to communicate value to the potential buyer. The PorchLight Real Estate Team suggests going as far as cleaning the gutters and pressure washing the sides of your home.

3. Make repairs.

It’s important that your home stands out to the potential buyer. Don’t let repairs pile up before it’s too late. So be sure to fix that leaky roof or squeaky door hinges. Both of which are proven to dissatisfy homebuyers.

4. Organize closets and drawers.

Don’t store endless amounts of merchandise on your closet floor or in any openable drawers. Messy storage will present the idea that the home doesn’t offer much storage.

5. Eliminate bad odors.

Now this one seems obvious but you’d be surprised to find that some houses have more than unwelcoming scents. Be sure to hide the litter-box and use odor neutralizing products to keep a consistently nice smell in the air.

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