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It's Time For A Kitchen Upgrade

Need more brightness, organization, or space? Whichever it may be, an upgrade will take your kitchen from troubled to perfect!

Kitchens are the heart of the home. The wear and tear is proof! The kitchen is where the delicious holiday meals are whipped up, and where we serve our children after school snacks.

A great functioning, beautiful kitchen is not only appealing to you, but also to your guests and potential buyers.

Lets talk about a few signs that your kitchen needs an upgrade.

1) Your appliances are outdated

Your appliances may have came with your home, or maybe you bought them a decade ago. Outdated appliances have many pitfalls. Not only are outdated appliances unattractive in your kitchen, but they drain more energy.

Safety is also a concern with outdated, questionable appliances. You should not have to have a secret routine to use your oven. When installing your brand new appliances, be sure to hire a professional. Everything needs to be up to code and wired correctly.

2) Wear and tear

It is unrealistic to expect your kitchen to remain in pristine, brand new condition forever. If you're kitchen is suffering from more than normal wear and tear, it is time for some TLC.

Water damage from leaks are both inconvenient and dangerous. Leaks can cause mold where you cannot see it. Mold can also grow on cracked and chipped counter tops and floors. Stains on your floors or counter tops will scare your guests away.

When upgrading your counter tops be sure invest in good quality materials, like granite. Though the cost may be high, these materials can last a life time.

3) Crammed Counters

If appliances, cooking utensils, and food take up the entirety of your counter, it's time for an upgrade. You need clutter-free space on your counters.

It may not be necessary to tear down walls and change the lay out of your home. Installing an island will provide new, needed counter space.

If it's clutter that is causing your problem, you may need to install larger cabinets and drawers. Your problem is likely your storage, not your counter space.

4) Your house is STILL on the market

Before moving, often your first priority is saving money for your new home. Putting in money into your old kitchen will serve as an investment. It'll be well worth it.

When shopping for a new home, buyers tend to gravitate towards the kitchen first. If you have been having trouble selling, and your kitchen is outdated, this is most likely the reason.

Buyers tend to prefer move-in ready homes. An upgraded kitchen grabs the attention of the buyers, and also provides less stress in their decision. An upgraded kitchen means less time on the market and a higher selling price.

With some upgrades, your kitchen can once again become the heart of your home!

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