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  • Mark Pattison

3 Easy Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

1. Clean those old blinds or get them replaced

Contrary to popular belief, blinds can both negatively and positively affect how fast your home gets sold. Broken blinds, messy knots and built up dust can be a huge eyesore for any potential buyers. Make sure to avoid this problem by either 1) Deep cleaning your blinds till they look new, or 2) Replace the old blinds with new ones. It’s that simple. The agents at PorchLight Real Estate suggest to clean/replace the blinds BEFORE the house goes on market to ensure no potential problems.

2. Set the mood with lighting

There’s a reason why artists allocate large amounts of their time to perfecting the lighting. Good lighting will set a positive vibe in the room, while poor lighting, well, won’t. That’s why the PorchLight Real Estate Team suggests replacing any lights in your home that have gone out. Not only will it create a difference in lighting, but also eliminates the idea of worse electrical problems behind the dimmed light.

3. Fix any squeaky doors or drawers

Nothing turns a buyer off more than squeaky doors and drawers. Nobody wants to be annoyed from that unbearable sound that permeates throughout the eardrums. That’s why it’s extremely important to fix those squeaks prior to showing your home. The PorchLight Real Estate Team suggests going to your nearest home appliance store and buying a silicone spray can. Use it on any troubled areas within your home and be free of the squeak.

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