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3 Tips for House Hunters to Find the Right Neighborhood

There seems to be a trend revolving around the focus of house hunters. It may be extra bedrooms, a renovated kitchen, or maybe even a lovely patio - but these specs only bring happiness whenever you’re at home. What happens when you leave the house?

It’s getting easier and easier to overlook the neighborhood as a whole during a home search - primarily due to a home buyers interest in the house alone. It’s extremely important to incorporate all aspects before deciding on a home, which includes a thorough understanding of the surrounding area. Following these guidelines will help make this incorporation easier and leave you with less regret about your new home.

1. Focus on the vibe.

Finding the right vibe is essential when it comes to picking a neighborhood. Do you want a quiet cul-de-sac? Or maybe something a little more lively near a populated urban block?

Finding that vibe will come into play for avoiding any future regret. About half of homeowners who are currently happy with their location were greatly influenced by the vibes their neighborhood initially gave off - which means the right vibe will pay off immensely in the long run.

How do you implement this into your home searching strategy?

Use online resources to find statistics about a specific area or ask a helpful agent at the PorchLight Real Estate office.

2. Get friendly

Have the time to get friendly while house hunting? Good, use it to your advantage. The PorchLight Real Estate Team suggests taking time out of your search to ask around about the area. It’s easy to reach out to pedestrians, neighbors and businesses - be sure to use this as an excellent tool. This house hunting tactic will also give you the opportunity to find information about the people in general - are they friendly? Rude?

Though it’s not an essential step in picking a neighborhood, getting friendly should be a tool utilized all around within the San Diego Real Estate community!

3. Check safety statistics and school districts

Finding a neighborhood with high safety ratings and good school districts is a must when looking for a new home in San Diego. It’s so easy these days to find this information online - but if you can’t find the time, a PorchLight Real Estate agent can help! Just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist your needs.

In the end it's important to remember... You can change the look of your house as many times as you want - but you can't change the neighborhood surrounding it. So be sure to pick wisely.

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