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Not Enough Square Footage in your Living Space? Use these 3 Strategies to Create a Spacious Impressi

Does your living space lack the needed square footage to live comfortably? If the answer is yes then continue reading – and know you’re not alone!

Small rooms are a thing of the past with modern day tactics. Use these clever solutions to help maximize your space and love the look of your home.

1. Start with the paint

Knowing the right paint color will take you to new heights when trying to create the impression of more space. Try sticking to the traditional neutrals such as white, cream and light gray. These colors are known to make a room feel brighter and expanded.

Always be sure to paint the ceiling white. It helps to create the impression of a visual openness overhead – which in turn will give the room a more spacious feel.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, say you want to make a small room look cozy. Use dark colors such as black, dark gray or navy. This will help to emphasize the small square footage to give your room a bold comfortable feel.

Both tactics work well to get your desired appeal without breaking the bank!

2. Clever storage

Small square footage isn’t always a proud owner of great storage space. But knowing creative ways to implement flexible storage solutions can help to keep that clutter from being an eyesore.

Start with the kitchen – it’s the best place to put these clever storage solutions to work.

1. Create an adjustable cooking area that consists of rollaway pantries and islands.

2. Hang items such as spices or wine bottles underneath your cupboards.

3. Add holders to the back of your cabinet doors to keep unwanted items out of sight.

To finish, be sure to utilize any ceiling space! Find objects that can be easily hung from the ceiling – for instance a bike. This provides a cheap solution to keep everything looking tidy.

3. Multitasking Furniture

Multitasking furniture is a huge help when it comes to storage space. Find yourself some furniture that has hidden storage compartments that help to keep your clutter out of sight. Be sure to choose items that you don’t need to be using everyday to be packed away.

Can’t fit a dresser in your bedroom? Make use of drawers under your bed to help create space for your clothes. It'll also help to create more closet space for larger stored items!

Try to implement some storage in your entryway by finding a bench with storage space inside. Use it to easily store shoes or any other clothing items such as jackets. It will help to keep your front door clear of any clutter.

The most important idea to take away from this is to not be disappointed by the lack of square footage in your living space.

Learn from other's past experience to ensure you make the most of what you got!

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