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Long distance house hunting? Have no fear

Buying a house across the country can be a little bit challenging, follow this easy guide.

Searching for a home in your local neighborhood can be complicated. Imagine adding hundreds or thousands of miles into the job, it becomes even more difficult.

Long-distance house hunting has its many challenges, but that does not make it impossible. With the help of a knowledgeable agent and the use of modern technology, buying a house across the country could even be considered easy.

Here are a few tips

to keep in mind throughout your remote home search.

Spend time doing homework

In long-distance home shopping, take full advantage of the internet. You probably know just about everything about the neighborhood you live in, but you don't know much about your new one. Research where the stores are, the schools, the city, and even the airport. This is important when figuring out where you'd like to buy.

Visiting the area in person would provide the quickest insight, but spending some time on the web provides plenty valuable information. It's crucial to look up your future commuting times, nearby school rankings, and crime rates surrounding your home. Regardless if you have children or are concerned about high crime rates, these are important concepts in terms of the resale of your home.

Lastly, spend time researching the local real estate agents. You are going to amt a talented, experienced agent who you can trust. Real estate agents will either make or break your home buying experience. Make sure your agent is familiar with your future with your future neighborhood and is able to answer all of your questions.

Budget to see homes in person

When finding the right home it may take a few days of touring. It is important to be prepared to travel a few times during this process, especially if making any modifications to the home. When booking a trip to attend showings of the homes, it would be ideal to plan for at least 4 days. Cramming too many homes in too little time will leave you confused and unable to remember.

It is crucial that you be flexible, set aside money for plane tickets and hotels, because you will likely need to go back and forth at least a couple of times. Unexpected appointments do pop up, specifically with any kinds of renovations. Your agent, however, will be able to handle much of the process for you.

Know your must-haves

When starting a home search, both in person or remotely, it is crucial to have a list of features you want in a home.

Make a list of five to ten non-negotiable desires for your future home. These non-negotiables can include things such as being walking distance from your children's school or having a fenced-in yard.

Having this list will assist your agent heavily in finding you the perfect home in the perfect location. This information will help the agent narrow down neighborhoods and homes quickly. When dealing with a fast-moving market, this is especially crucial.

Beat the long-distance nerves

For buyers that are fearful of making an offer sight unseen, there are a few options. It is possible to add a clause into the contract stating that the sale is contingent on the buyer seeing it.

If it is too much for you, renting first may be a good option. Renting under a short term lease, can help you get comfortable with your new job and neighborhood. This will help relieve the anxiety of buying in a new city, or state.

Buying a house remotely doesn't have to be looked at as a scary task, but as an exciting new opportunity. Think of it as a fresh start filled with new experiences.

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