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  • Mark Pattison

7 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

There’s nothing more “move worthy” than a bad neighbor. In order to find good neighbors, you first need to become a good neighbor! Check out these 7 tips to make you the buzz around your block.

1. Bring Cookies

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a lifelong veteran, bringing freshly baked goods will show that you were thinking of them. Not to mention it’s also a great way to break the ice! You’ll earn the trust of your neighbors, which will come in handy when the time comes.

2. Good Neighbors Don’t Gossip

Don’t feel the need to stick your nose in everyone’s business. This will only result in everyone else doing the same for you. Ditch the high school gossip trends and focus more on whom you’re talking to. Ask about their week or any upcoming plans.

3. Good Neighbors Exchange Phone Numbers

With today’s connected era it’s almost impossible not to have your neighbor’s phone number – and if you don’t, why are you hesitating? It helps to create an easy medium to communicate in regards to babysitting, package deliveries and much more.

4. Good Neighbors Will Lend a Helping Hand

Genuinely good neighbors will go out of their way to help you before you even ask for it. Do just that to impress your block. Don’t be the type of person that says, “ask me if you need anything”, it’s a cliché saying and doesn’t provide much comfort to the recipient.

5. Good Neighbors Will Tidy Up

Even if you lack the self-discipline to keep you house clean, if anything, keep the front yard looking nice. Be sure to have your trashcans hidden on the side yard and clean up after doing any landscaping. Have a limited number of lawn ornaments and keep up the “tidy” look.

6. Good Neighbors Mow The Lawn

Have you ever had that one house on your street that had grass taller than the occupant themselves? Don’t be that neighbor! It’s not that hard to take an hour out of your week to quickly mow the lawn. Along with mowing, be sure to keep your grass looking green. If you lack the skills or recourses to keep it looking nice, consider switching to a drought-friendly lawn.

7. Good Neighbors Communicate

It’s important to express any concern you have regarding your homes boundaries. But stay in line. Don’t go overboard with every small detail – but bring it to attention when the time is right. Like the old saying goes, “good fences make good neighbors”, so remember to respect their boundaries as well as yours.

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