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Off to college? Check out these 10 must have dorm room items

What experience is more chaotic than packing for your first year at school? It’s important to find all your dorm room essentials while also thinking spaciously. Over-packing will only shrink that already limited square footage – so use this article as a checklist for your essentials!

1. Comforter Set

First on the list is a comforter. Well that didn’t seem too obvious did it? Help spice up your room with a set that matches your décor – maybe buy a few to mix and match while complimenting the design of your room.


Finding a lightweight fabric will help to keep you comfy all semester!

2. Laundry Bag

There’s no better way to store and transport dirty clothes than a laundry bag. It’s small enough to fit in the corner of your room and easy to carry with its handles. The best part is that it can also be folded and stored when not being used.

3. Shower Caddy

One of the most essential attributes of the dorm room experience is the community bathroom. Be sure to find a portable shower caddy that makes it easy for you to transport your hygiene products. Maybe invest in some shower flip-flops to stay healthy!

4. Clothing Hangers

The closet in your room is going to be your best friend when it comes to dealing with laundry and space. Find yourself some durable hangers to neatly organize your clothes. You can find a pack of 30 hangers at almost any retail store for a cheap price.

5. Metal Shelves

The college will most likely supply you a desk and dresser but what if you need more space? A metal shelf will do the trick. Easily stack items vertically the save ground space. Use it for shoes, books, food etc.

6. Surge-Protector Power Strips

This item is overlooked the most and 9/10 times is the most needed in any dorm room setting. Make life easy by having a safe source for all your electronics. Keep it located near your desk for things like a computer or phone charger.

7. Under-Bed Storage Drawers

College is all about finding creative ways to store your life. That’s what we pay all that tuition for right? Invest in some under-bed storage to keep your belongings organized and clutter free.

8. Lid-Less Trashcan

When your room becomes your kitchen, be sure to have an outlet for trash. Use a lid-less trashcan to throw away those ramen packages after your late night feasts. Trust me, your roommate will appreciate this.

9. Bath Wrap

Back to those lovely community bathrooms - be sure to cover up on the way with a bath wrap. Use it when you’re in route to the shower to protect against the accidental slip.

10. Mattress Topper

Find an escape from that rock hard mattress with a top cushion. Any purchase of a mattress topper comes with a goodnights sleep for free – which is beneficial for those short nights before an exam.

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