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  • Mark Pattison

Don't Let These 3 Things Scare You Away When Shopping for Homes

Unattractive paint colors? Elliptical in the kitchen? Awkward Family Photos in every room? You can look past it.

From carpets stained and covered in pet hair to old and yellow refrigerators, we've seen it all.

It is not a requirement for sellers to get their house into tip top condition before listing. Unfortunately, a sellers laziness to do so can result in the loss of many potential buyers.

Here are a few off-putting sights you may come across when shopping for a house, but don't let them scare you away. If you fall in love with the home's layout or location, look past them.

Bizarre wall paper and stained carpets

Many buyers search for homes that is move-in-ready. Buyers have busy lives from their occupations and families, some don't want to add any house work to the list. Renovations can be pricey and time consuming.

Luckily, a bad paint job really isn't too time-consuming and expensive. If the buyer wants a turn-key home, they could even repaint before move-in day.

Painting the walls and replacing some outdated carpeting really make a difference. A seller who chose not to make these updates is pushing many buyers away. Some fresh paint and new carpet are inexpensive and take less than a week.

Rooms are being used for strange purposes

Commonly bedrooms are turned into offices, allowing people to work more productively in their homes. Some home-owners chose to use their spare bedroom as a huge closet or play room for their children.

The homeowner may currently use these spaces in this way, but that doesn't mean you have to. Try to remember that the seller is an person occupying the home and has their personal preferences just like you.

The day they move out and you move in, you can make the space into whatever you desire. You can turn their walk-in closet room into a yoga retreat, if that is more to your liking.

An overwhelming seller presence

It can be a little hard for a buyer to imagine living in a home that is covered in the seller's photos and personal belongings. The houses that appear the most neutral and lack items specific to the seller, sell the best.

A buyer needs to feel able to explore and touch and feel every part of a home. When the seller is home during the buyer's tour, this becomes uncomfortable and awkward. It is best to see a home when you are able to speak freely and see everything you want to see.

Sellers who make these mistakes, both intentionally and unintentionally, lose both money and potential buyers in the process. Buyers have a hard time seeing past these three sights.

If you find a home with a great location and a perfect floor plan, go see it with an open mind and big imagination. Don't let these sights keep you from making a house your home.

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