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Small Kitchen? Check Out These 9 Tips to Help Make the Most of It

Transform your stock-issued kitchen with these helpful tips

It seems that rental apartments these days lack a single square foot of kitchen counter space. With outdated cabinets and a more so lack of amenities, it’s extremely difficult to find something worth cooking in. The good news is that kitchen makeovers are absolutely in style and can turn that historic set-up into a new-looking work of art.

Follow these steps.

Ditch the clutter

To start your kitchen renovation, be sure to get rid of any things that have no use to you. Do you really need three 10” frying pans? If not, then head on down to your local charity shop and donate them. After all, you’ll be saving yourself the clutter space and giving new life to a once dusty eyesore.

Practice your vertical

We’re not talking about jumping. Use the vertical method to make the most of extra space. It includes things like hanging pot racks, magnetic knife strips, mounted dish-drying racks installed above the sink and much more. It’s an excellent way to keep clutter free from the kitchen counter.

The natural appeal

It’s hard to admit but we need everyone to understand – plastic cleaning utensils are just plain ugly. Get rid of the eyesore by upgrading to natural products such a wooden broom. They’re easy to find and cheaper than one might think. Plus the added look will complement any traditional looking kitchen.

Welcome change

So your place doesn’t have a dishwasher? Now your stuck to hand-wash everything – but don’t let your sink suffer. Install a pull-down sprayer that attaches to your faucet and you can make this chore a lot easier. Just be sure to swap the faucets back when you decide to move out. Have extra space? Consider investing in a portable dishwasher. They are a massive timesaver and help you refrain from filling your sink with dirty dishes.

Vacation in your kitchen

A kitchen island can be a useful tool for any amount of space - yes, even in the smallest of apartments. These additions will instantly create more counter space and help to keep your clutter organized. You may be even to find one with wheel that can serve as a portable bar for your next party!

Light it up

It’s important to remember that good lighting is everything. The kitchen is primarily for starting your day and getting things done, invest in something right for your design. Look for a cooler light to help you wake up in the morning and a warm light to set the romantic mood once dinner comes around. Nowadays you can even find app-enabled bulbs that can be customized to your preferences.

Think outside the walls

Basic white walls are any renters sworn enemy. Adding removable wallpaper can help to personalize your kitchen and wont break the bank. To help keep costs low, stick to one accent wall. With a little added preparation your kitchen can go from a 3-dimensional piece of printer paper, to a stunning work of art.

Find unique displays

Add some zest to your kitchen with an assortment of oddly shaped kitchen items. Be sure to dedicate only one wall to show them off though. Take items such as a cookie cutter that normally wouldn’t fit well within a drawer and create artwork with them. Use easy-to-install hooks or shelves to achieve this.

Staying alive

What better way to add the finishing touches to any room other than a plant? They look both fantastic and help to improve air quality around them. If you don’t have the counter or floor space, find a hanging plant to do the trick. Can’t keep a plant alive? Don’t sweat it – it’s 2018 and the world is full of artificial plants to keep your house looking cool.

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