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6 Small Purchases That Will Make Your Home More Sellable

Home selling is not a cheap venture; you need to invest some money. The amount of money used in getting a property ready for sale can add up very fast. I have talked time and again about listing houses, but did you know that you can buy items for under $20 dollars that will make your house sale a success?

Here’s my list of small items you can purchase, which can have a big impact on your house sale.

Outdoor Hose

An outdoor hose can be used to achieve the effect of a freshly painted driveway. Paving a new driveway is expensive-even though it can do wonders for curb appeal. To achieve a similar "new driveway" effect for only $15, you can purchase an outdoor hose and use it to wash down the driveway, which can give the driveway a "fresh" look. I recommend doing this prior to an open house. Sounds simple, and a tad ridiculous, but trust me it can work!

Mailbox Decal Numbers

An old rusty mailbox does not make the front of the house look very appealing. In fact, it is the first thing that many potential home buyers see when they come for the open house. If the mailbox is rusty, you can either replace it or slap on a new coat of paint. From there, you can purchase mailbox deal numbers for $6. Tidying up the mailbox and slapping on some decal numbers is super cheap, but the effect can be big. An added bonus is that the sparking decal numbers will help people driving by (aka potential buyers) locate the house more easily.

New House Numbers

These will cost around $10 and potential buyers will look at them as entering the house. When you combine new house numbers with other front door accouterments, you can really spruce up the house and sell it faster.

New Door Knob

The doorknob is the first thing that the buyer will touch and secondly, it contributes to the overall welcoming feeling they will get when entering the house. A new door knob costs $15 and by replacing the old one, you also replace the lock. So you kill two birds with one stone.

LED Walkway Lights

Installing LED lights to line the driveway, lawn or walkway can really enhance your curb appeal. Not only do these lights add to the safety element of the home, but they also make the entire front yard seem more calculated and uniform.

Face Plates For Outlets

Face plates for electrical outlets in every room are a great way of keeping rooms unified and it shows that the house has been renovated while paying attention to detail. Face plates cost around $3 per plate.

Contact me if you are interested in discussing preparing your home to sell. I work with a variety of clients and always willing to take the time to explain the minor details that can help your home sell fast.

Chat soon!

Mark Pattison


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