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If Your Realtor Says One Of These 6 Things, It Might Be Time To Fire Them.

Yes, If your agent says one of these phrases, they could be leading you astray. There are some things your real estate agent should never say to you when you’re shopping for a home for sale in San Diego, CA. Here are the six things your real estate agent should never say to you. If they do? It might be time for a change. Just don't call me 'til you've canceled your Buyer Broker Agreement with your agent.

1. “I read the contract for you, just sign on the line”

It's important that your realtor knows the contract and it's even more important that he can answer your questions after you read it. There’s no telling what things could’ve been snuck into the contract. An agent should never tell a buyer to sign something that they have not read. This is probably the most expensive asset in your portfolio. Don’t sign a contract unless you have read the contract.

2. “I’ve set up 20 homes for you to look at today, and we’re on a tight schedule. We can spend only 10 minutes at each home

Hold your horses, cowboy! Homebuyers need time to look closely at a home and process what they are looking at. When you see too many homes at once, homebuyers — not to mention their real estate agents — cannot remember which house had the yard they liked or had the old appliances that would definitely need to be replaced. My max schedule is to view six homes across two hours. The only time I’ll make an exception to this is when a buyer is coming in from out of town and only has one or two days to look at properties.

3. “You don’t need a home inspection”

As in, don’t have anyone look over the house to make sure it’s OK to live in? Yeah, that’s a major red flag. No matter what type of home you’re buying — a condo, townhome, duplex, single-family — always, always get an inspection. I highly suggest you have a home inspection. I will help you find the right inspector for your home and suggest three inspectors that I have found reputable in the area we are looking in. I will even attend the inspection with you to make sure you are comfortable and prepared with the right questions to ask the home inspector.

4. “That smell will go away”

Don’t believe them: It won’t. Real estate agents will say that a dog or cat smell will dissipate once the animals are removed, and that’s not the case. Urine can penetrate walls and flooring, leaving behind smells, and animal proteins can take years of cleaning to remove. Many people purchase a house and find they cannot live in the home due to animal proteins. This is more common than you think! Ducts need to be cleaned and flooring assessed to make sure that you are not going to encounter a problem once you move in. Whether it’s pet smells or cigarette odor, if you’re set on the home, I recommend negotiating duct-cleaning costs into the purchase price, as well as negotiating the cost of new flooring, if needed.

5. “I know you only want to spend a certain amount, but let’s look at these homes that are listed over budget”

Your real estate agent knows going into the home-search process how much you want (and can afford) to spend. So if they bring you a home that’s above your budget, be wary. An agent must know and should respect a client’s budget — and be aware that even though the client may be approved for a higher figure, if the preference is for a less expensive property, those are the properties that should be shown. For my first condo purchase, I was approved way more than what I could comfortably afford. It's important to never be house poor (house payment is so high you can't afford to do anything).

6. “I don’t do email”

Sure, they may be one of the kindest agents in town, but if they resist the use of technology when it comes to communicating with you and sending documents (especially if it’s your preferred method of communication), you should be concerned. Home sales today are very digital: You should expect to receive and sign documents electronically, and be able to have a short conversation with your agent via text if you prefer. In a market where homes are selling quickly, an agent who can’t operate current business technology will not be able to ‘win’ the contract for you. This is especially true for a listing agent: 90% of homebuyers look for homes online first. If your listing agent can’t get your home online effectively to promote it, you are at a great disadvantage.

Contact Me if you are in the market for buying a new home. I make sure to listen to your wants and needs and guide you through the process. Checkout my reviews to see how my clients think of me.

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