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Home Buyer Tip- Writing Offers

An offer is much more than just a dollar amount. It represents a thorough knowledge of the common issues of buying a home, and needs to be prepared by a real estate professional. Some of these issues are:

  • Your proposed purchase price – the offer

  • Concessions you would like seller to make, like helping with the closing costs

  • Financing contingencies, like approval of a satisfactory mortgage with specific interest rate and terms, etc.

  • Home inspection contingencies – what will happen if the house doesn't pass inspection

  • Conveyances – what will be included in the sale, like a refrigerator or washer/dryer.

  • The amount of earnest money – your deposit – that is being attached to the offer

As your real estate professional, I'll make sure that your interests are fully covered and that your enthusiasm doesn't blind you to commonly overlooked issues.

Feel free to call me at your convenience for a no obligations conversation about your new home goals.


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