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Mission Hills

Mission Hills is one of San Diego’s oldest and most desirable neighborhoods. The community is situated along the canyon rims surrounding the San Diego River Valley. This luxurious neighborhood offers amazing ocean views and overlooks Old Town San Diego, Downtown, and the San Diego Bay.


The Mission Hills neighborhood was initially developed in the early 20th century, and most of the homes have been carefully preserved or restored to their original greatness, representing an inspiring return to San Diego’s historical and architectural aesthetic of the time.

The community features myriad boutique restaurants, pubs and shops, which help Mission Hills retain its simple but energetic pace. While often overshadowed by neighboring Hillcrest, the Mission Hills Business District has more than enough to satisfy everyone from the casual tourist to the resident foodie.


A walk through the residential streets of Mission Hills will reveal an architectural diversity sure to house your ideal home: everything from quaint craftsman bungalows to impressive, stately mansions, all manicured and perfectly preserved.


Nearby Presidio Park and Mission Hills Park further enhance the allure and mystique of this suburban development that crystallizes the exquisite design and character the homes of this era possess.

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